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Direct Thermal Labels
Direct thermal labels are normally used to print food information such as products to be frozen. Instead of using ink to print this label, the printer uses heat-sensitive material which turns black when exposed to the thermal print head.

The images and content of the thermal can be faded away if they overexposed to heat and light. Therefore, the environment or location of this direct thermal label to be used is extremely important. This label is more suitable for groceries as the items normally do not overexposed to heat and light.
Mirrorcoat Paper Sticker
Mirrorcoat paper stickers are the cost-effective options to select for your stickers and labels. Mirrorcoat paper sticker is a glossy white base paper sticker. This paper is mostly used for indoor purposes. However, it can also be used for outdoor if is a short period of time. Glossy white labels are the most popular type of label material which provides an attractive color when it comes to 4 color process to your label design. Lamination or UV coating can be used to keep the glossy effect.
Foil Labels
Foil labels give you an elegant and high value impression on your product as the metallic shine on the foil label able to catch your customer’s attention. It can also give you a visual effect on your labels on the spot with the metallic shine. The most popular color for foil labels are silver and gold. We are able to provide you with many different colors by using other inks to tint on the foil, in order to match your company’s color but the designate area shouldn’t be foil.
Fluorescent Labels
Need to brighten up your label to get more attention from customer? Yes, fluorescent label can provide you this visual effect which can catch your customer’s attention faster than the normal regular labels. We have six types of color of fluorescent label stocks which are Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink and Orange. We also have different selection of customize die-cut shapes which can give you the brightest and unique shapes of labels on the shelf. In addition, you may also order the fluorescent labels in any shape that you want.

This labels and stickers are suitable for promotions items, to call awareness to industrial hazards and for safety information. It can also be use as an indicator such as mark inventory or code shipments.
Simili / Woodfree Paper Sticker
Simili or Woodfree paper stickers are the cost-effective options to select for your stickers and label. Simili paper is a rough matt white base paper sticker. It is a good selection if you do not want to have any shiny effect and it's easy for writing.
Transparent Sticker / Clear Label
Clear labels allow your products to demonstrate through the label for an impressive effect. For example, you may use clear labels to highlight your product if your product is a unique color. Clear labels are normally used on cosmetics, health and beauty products, water bottles and etc. Clear labels can be designed in any shapes that you want and we also have different selection of customize die-cut shapes and clear material which can give you the best and unique shapes of labels.